Energy Star Metal Roofing – Selecting Energy Efficient Materials and Colors

Choose an Energy Efficient Metal Roof

If you’re renovating your home, especially if you plan to replace your roof, you have probably heard about the Energy Star program and the way it can help you make your home energy-efficient. So, what is Energy Star and how is it related to metal roofing colors and materials?

Energy Star is a governmental program (created by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency) developed with two major purposes: energy savings and environment protection. Currently, this energy-efficiency standard has been also adopted by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the European Union.

You have probably noticed that different devices, kitchen appliances, construction materials and even buildings have a Energy Star logo – it means that they have been evaluated by this program, being given a rating for meeting the needed energy efficiency guidelines.

That’s why, if you want to make your home or your commercial property energy-efficient, to lower your heating or cooling bills (with about one third from the initial cost) and to protect the environment from pollution at the same time, look for products that have earned the Energy Star label.

erenrgy star metal roof

  1. The Energy Star program can also offer an energy management strategy that can help companies to set specific goals, measure the improvements and keep track of the overall progress of their savings.
  2. Many metal roofing systems present on the market nowadays are Energy Star rated. These roofs help make your home or industrial property more energy-efficient and eco-friendly in several ways:
  3. Heat-reflective capacities of metal. Energy Star qualified metal has the capacity of reflecting away the heat coming from the sun rays, this way helping to reduce your cooling expenses during summer.

Special Metal Roofing Colors

Many metal roofing contractors offer their clients a chart of Energy Star rated metal roofing colors – paints, coatings and finishes that have been tested and proven to improve the metal’s capacity of lowering the temperature on the roof surface up to 100 degrees F, also keeping the rest of the building cooler. In order to meet the Energy Star requirements, a metal roofing color has to have a TSR (Total Solar Reflectance) of 25% after the initial paint application and 15% after 3 years of use and exposure to sun rays. Usually, lighter colors (white, ivory, light gray, clay etc.)  have a higher degree of protection against heat, while dark colors  absorb more of the sun’s rays.

Less air conditioning usage. With a metal roof, you will use less air conditioning, which has two important benefits: energy savings and protection for the health of your family or employees (it has been proven that breathing conditioned air on a regular basis can lead to different respiratory dysfunctions).

Metal is recyclable. This makes metal roofing an excellent choice for environment protection. It is lightweight, portable and relatively easy to install (including on existing roofs). When you install a metal roof, you won’t have to spend money for disposing of your old roof, not to mention the fact that you won’t have to find a way to get rid of all the waste without affecting your property or the environment.

Energy Star rated metal roofing colors are not only economical; they are also extremely stylish and modern, increasing the value of your property and improving its image.


Why is the Color of Your Metal Roofing so Important?

why metal roof color matters

What you need to know about Metal Roof Colors

Do you know what color is? I’ll try to explain it in a few words without getting too geeky and scientific, and then I’ll tell you guys why the color of your metal roofing is so important.

So, here we go:
Color is not just a pretty attribute of a certain object. First of all, it’s the ability of a surface to reflect or absorb certain light wavelengths. Depending on the object’s material, it will reflect some wavelengths, absorbing the others. Color is our ability to perceive the reflected wavelengths.

Let’s see what happens when the light hits a certain object – in our case, the metal roofing. You know that simple visible white light consists of seven wavelength groups, matching the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Depending on your roof’s paint (or its color) some wavelength groups will be absorbed, while others will be reflected.

Phew! I’m done with the hard part. Now let’s see how all this scientific stuff reflects (directly and metaphorically!) on our metal roofs.

Practical and Decorative Metal Roof Colors

The color of your metal roofing has two main purposes: the practical one and the decorative one. I’m sure that most of you think first about the aesthetical aspect when choosing the color of the roof. The color of your roof has to be pretty, to reflect your taste and your personality. Also, it has to match with the color of your house, harmonizing with the exterior design. If your house is painted in a brown palette, it won’t be such a great idea to have a blue or green roof. And vice-versa! But a white painted house will allow you to use any color you want for the roof. The same goes for a white roof – it will match even with a pink or orange painted house!

Then, you should not forget that the metal roofing color has to match not only with the color of your house! If you live in a nice suburb neighborhood, make sure that the new color of your metal roof will harmoniously integrate in the general design of your street. You don’t want angry neighbors pointing fingers at your house and saying that you’re ruining the whole picture!

Now that we’re done with the decorative side of the problem, let’s move to the practical aspect of metal roofing colors:

Here we’ll make a good use of the scientific stuff I wrote above. Because certain colors reflect different groups of wavelengths, they have the ability of absorbing or reflecting the heat coming from the sunrays. How can we use this attribute for our benefit?

First of all, identify your main problem. If you live in a warm area and you’re simply suffocated by the intense heat, especially during summer, than you must choose a light color for your metal roofing. Light colors – white, beige, delicate greens, browns and reds – will reflect away most of the sun’s energy. This way, you’ll considerably lower your cooling expenses.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold area and you’re constantly struggling for conserving the warmth in your house, than opt for a darker metal roofing color. Grey, brown or cedar shades, brick red or deep green will absorb most of the heat coming from the sun, transmitting it from the metal roofing panels to the whole structure of the building. It’s a good way of reducing the heating costs!

See how many benefits you can get simply from selecting the most appropriate metal roofing colors? Beauty, harmony and elegance on one side and temperature control on the other!


Composite Roofs in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Minneapolis, MN we saw a few homes that had goregous roofs and we could quite figure out what they were made of. A roofing company called Metro Area Construction was installing a similar roof in a neighborhood we passed through. Needless to say, we stopped and talked to Leo and his crew. Leo told me they were installing composite roof tiles. Composite roofs will have next to no maintenance and will last forever. There are only several companies that produce polymer roof materials.

metro area construction minneapolis

Properties all over the United States are starting to buy imitation slate roofs, including homes here in Vermont. As you desire a roof replacement, know your options.

Durable Roofing Solutions Increase Your Homes Value and Appeal

Artificial roofing material are much more durable and lighter weight. These kinds of composite roofs look real, and friends think your slate or cedar shake tile is authentic. Imagine how much cash you could save with maintenance free roof. Find a roofer like Leo and contractor like Metro Area Construction near you that installs these alternative type tiles. You might have more costs initially, but a composite roof saves money in the long rung.

Types of Composite Roofs

You can find slate, faux cedar shake, and even faux Spanish tile that is made of recycled plastics. If perhaps your insurance company covers the rate of a newer roof after a storm, replace it with a life long roof made of a durable material. You can create a custom color blend and boost your home’s beauty. Fabricated roof tiles are eco-friendly and are recyclable. Look for the roof that is going to look amazing on your home. Some manufacturers produce synthetic roofing in custom colors.  You can purchase the replica coloring of your existing home’s roof.

Look for the roof that is going to look amazing on your house and select a color. We can have our manufacturer produce synthetic roofing in any custom color.  You can purchase the replica coloring of your existing roof top to fit your taste and requirements.

How To Improve Your Garden and Sell Your Home Fast

improve garden sell home

It is not enough to leave your home’s garden a mess before selling your home. Be sure build a garden with a variety of flowers and vegetables. You will also need to put in lots of effort to maintain them in good condition for a long time, or until your home sells. In this regard, you can work on the proper design in the initial stages itself that will help you to maintain the garden with less effort in future. To begin with, you will have to understand that a garden needs regular maintenance and it can easily grow out of your control within a few months. However, when you have the proper equipment and measures in place, you will be able to regulate the growth and keep it in attractive shape.

Careful Garden Design

You should fix the layout of the garden in such a manner that you can easily maintain it in future. Always choose borders for the plantation and this will help you to control the growth of a few plants. You can also choose appropriate plants for the borders that will provide a proper shield from outside objects. The next thing is to focus on irrigation and you should choose a proper plan for this task. Remember that your plants need water on a regular basis and you will have to spend some time on this task. Finally, you have to trim the garden every now and then to keep it in good shape. You can choose the proper accessories available in leading gardening stores and use them to keep your garden in good shape.

Irrigation for Your Garden

The best way to maintain a large garden is to choose the best traveling sprinkler that can easily irrigate your garden on its own. There are many varieties available in the market that will help you to irrigate the garden without much effort. If you have enough budgets for the project, you can choose the automatic tractor sprinklers that can be set on a timer so that you need not have to worry about watering your plants on a daily basis. You can even control the flow of water and adjust it to suit the plants in your garden.

Controlling Weeds in Your Garden

This is yet another important aspect of gardening and you will have to spend some time in manually weeding the plants. Apart from that, you can also consider mulching your garden with natural materials that will become compost over a period of time. This is beneficial in many ways and you will be adding natural compost to your garden in this manner. If you can control the weeds, you will not have any ugly looking plants in your garden and this will give you full satisfaction of having things in control. In this way, you will have more space available for your favorite plants in the garden.

When you follow these simple guidelines on a regular basis, maintaining your garden in good condition and your home will sell faster. You will have to have someone dedicate a few hours a week to maintain the garden in good shape and it is worth the effort when you see the results of such a beautiful garden in your home!


What You Should Know About Home Additions

Have you decided to add some extra space to your home? Do you feel the need for having an extra bedroom or a new bathroom or even extending your kitchen to make it bigger? A home addition often adds more value to the property and it will also offer the members of the house some extra space. The home addition will help in enhancing the value of your property and can earn you more money when you plan to sell it off in the future. It is always tough to know what to do when it comes to home addition. The following are a few questions that you need to ask yourself so that you get a framework for making the home addition.

home addition

What is the use of the additional space?

The function of a room will depend on the details that you are putting in the room. Every room in your home serves a purpose. You should ask yourself as to what you are going to do with the extra addition. If you are looking to extend your child’s room, then you should bear in mind the safety aspect of the new space. You should construct the room in such a way that they are a safe haven for the kids. Using inviting yet durable materials like warm wood or carpets in the room will be a good idea.

If your idea is to extend the outdoor space to entertain your friends and to conduct parties, then you can think of going for an open floor plan. Using modular furniture will be a very good option for sprucing up your outdoor space. Adding counters for placing the drinks and food plates is a good option for the outdoor patios.

How much of space is needed?

This is a very important thing to consider when you want to add extra space to your home. There must be a limit for the home extension and there is no way you can double the size of the home. It will cost you a huge amount so many. How much space is needed is a very tricky question and you need to find proper answers to this question as everything hinges on this (view home addition photos here). You need to always consider the dust, noise and the movement of strangers in your home when you are planning for a home addition. You should also take into account the disturbances that you might cause your neighbors. Adding a small space to your existing house is not a small task and will need a lot of your money, time and effort. You need to be well-prepared before you take the plunge into adding extra space to your home.

Who are you going to hire?

The next big question is how to choose the right company or contractor doing the job. Finding the best roofing contractor is made easier if you seek references from your close friends and family members who have hired similar services to work on their homes. You can also check online and research on popular construction forums and websites to get access to the best contractors in your area.

How To Repair Your Roof After Winter Damages?

Here in the Northeast US, the snow damage to homes can be very severe and it mainly affects residential roofs. The damage can be in a wide variety of forms and it might also turn out to be a costly repair job. There are times when you might need to replace the roof of your home due to the damage caused by snow. The best thing to do is to wait for the winter season to get over to remove the heavy snow from the roof(we recommend hiring a professional). If you sense that there is snow or ice damage to your roof, then you need to quickly call the roofing professionals to take a look at the extent of roof damage. It is a very good idea to get your roof checked after every winter season even if you do not face any roof issues.

winter roof damages

1. Remove Remaining Snow or Water From Roof

roof snow guardWhen winter passes, there can still be snow buildup or puddles of water where snow build up has melted. Be sure to remove any remaining snow and extract as much snow as you can. This may be as easy as sweeping it off with a broom. On occasion, you may need a shop vac to remove excess water. It is suggested by Brava Roof Tile, that homes located in regions with winter climates install snow guards to prevent ice and snow build-up. This will eliminate any future water pockets and heavy snow build-up that could cause roof sag.

2. Check Condensation Inside the Attic

No matter you are not seeing any moisture to enter your home from the outside, it is better to check the attic of your house. This is where the condensation can form and this will result in mold and wood rot. The attic has to be properly insulated and ventilated so that air can easily move through the attic area. If the air gets trapped in the attic, then it can cause wetness and this resulted in mold formation. With proper insulation in the attic, the warm air from inside the house will not rise to the attic. The attic temperature must always be more or less similar to what temperature is outside, be it hot or cold. If the temperature is cold outside, but the warm air in the house moves into the attic, then there is every chance for condensation to form. If you spot such a problem, you should immediately call a roofing contractor to correct the ventilation and insulation issues.

3. Investigate Other Roof Damages

The roof of the house has been always at risk if it is near trees. There is every chance for the branches and the trees to fall on the roof during the snowy weather. If this happens, the roof can cave in and this will mean that you need to spend a lot of money to get the roof repaired. Hence, it is always a good idea to get your insurance policy to cover such roof issues as the amount for replacing the roof will run to tens of thousands of dollars.

4. Look Out for Frozen Roof Drains

Another big issue that you will face during the winter and snowy season is the freezing of the pipelines and roof drains. If this is the situation in your home, you should try to thaw the pipe using a hair dryer or a heater. But, it would be better off to call a professional to look into the issue. A reputed roofing contractor will be the best person to call upon after a severe storm has damaged your roof. The end result is that you will have to take all the necessary precautions to protect your roof from such elements.

As always, if you want to get out of Vermont, we have plenty of homes for sale in Palm Beach, Florida!

Home Buying Blitz 2017

home buyer blitz

Join the Home Buying Blitz

1. Create your account at Home Buying Blizt (must have secret email code and link to access).

2. Click the gear in the top right, click settings, click filters, at the bottom click create a new filter, find “has the words” and Home Buying Guide. Click create a filter with this search, check “never send it to spam,” click create filter.

3. In Gmail, find a new buyer lead’s email – review the details for new home construction, short sale, or foreclosure

4. Click – Open “Leads Name” Dashboard

5. Quickly review the following areas – Source, Registration Profile, & Search Activity

6. P.E.T. YOUR LEADS – Phone, Email, Text (MUST BE DONE ASAP, 5 mins)

7. Save a search – reference the lead’s Search Activity area for parameters, then click edit and complete the search. Click gray save a search button. It will turn orange when done correctly.

8. You can Click Listings Viewed in the top menu to see exactly how long a lead viewed properties and photos which will give you an idea of what the lead is interested in.

9. If you would like to leave a Comment, simply click the property and enter your comment (hit enter 1 time to submit comments).

10. If you would like to bookmark the property for your lead, click the bookmark button in the top right. Click Close.

11. Click Buyers Circles

12. Under Activity click the gray notes icon, and log your P, E, T, notes separately using the Category drop down menu. Choose phone, email, text, or meeting. Enter title and body for each entry. For example: 1st phone call

13. Click Buyers Circle to navigate back to your list of leads

14. Overtime, you can rate your lead using Stars and add tags such as “Hot” or “Fake”

15. Age refers to how old the lead is, Last Online displays recent activity

16. The colored icons on the right demonstrate the activity levels of each lead. The more activity, the more engaged the buyer is. Each element is clickable for further investigation.