Composite Roofs in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Minneapolis, MN we saw a few homes that had goregous roofs and we could quite figure out what they were made of. A roofing company called Metro Area Construction was installing a similar roof in a neighborhood we passed through. Needless to say, we stopped and talked to Leo and his crew. Leo told me they were installing composite roof tiles. Composite roofs will have next to no maintenance and will last forever. There are only several companies that produce polymer roof materials.

metro area construction minneapolis

Properties all over the United States are starting to buy imitation slate roofs, including homes here in Vermont. As you desire a roof replacement, know your options.

Durable Roofing Solutions Increase Your Homes Value and Appeal

Artificial roofing material are much more durable and lighter weight. These kinds of composite roofs look real, and friends think your slate or cedar shake tile is authentic. Imagine how much cash you could save with maintenance free roof. Find a roofer like Leo and contractor like Metro Area Construction near you that installs these alternative type tiles. You might have more costs initially, but a composite roof saves money in the long rung.

Types of Composite Roofs

You can find slate, faux cedar shake, and even faux Spanish tile that is made of recycled plastics. If perhaps your insurance company covers the rate of a newer roof after a storm, replace it with a life long roof made of a durable material. You can create a custom color blend and boost your home’s beauty. Fabricated roof tiles are eco-friendly and are recyclable. Look for the roof that is going to look amazing on your home. Some manufacturers produce synthetic roofing in custom colors.  You can purchase the replica coloring of your existing home’s roof.

Look for the roof that is going to look amazing on your house and select a color. We can have our manufacturer produce synthetic roofing in any custom color.  You can purchase the replica coloring of your existing roof top to fit your taste and requirements.

Home Buying Blitz 2017

home buyer blitz

Join the Home Buying Blitz

1. Create your account at Home Buying Blizt (must have secret email code and link to access).

2. Click the gear in the top right, click settings, click filters, at the bottom click create a new filter, find “has the words” and Home Buying Guide. Click create a filter with this search, check “never send it to spam,” click create filter.

3. In Gmail, find a new buyer lead’s email – review the details for new home construction, short sale, or foreclosure

4. Click – Open “Leads Name” Dashboard

5. Quickly review the following areas – Source, Registration Profile, & Search Activity

6. P.E.T. YOUR LEADS – Phone, Email, Text (MUST BE DONE ASAP, 5 mins)

7. Save a search – reference the lead’s Search Activity area for parameters, then click edit and complete the search. Click gray save a search button. It will turn orange when done correctly.

8. You can Click Listings Viewed in the top menu to see exactly how long a lead viewed properties and photos which will give you an idea of what the lead is interested in.

9. If you would like to leave a Comment, simply click the property and enter your comment (hit enter 1 time to submit comments).

10. If you would like to bookmark the property for your lead, click the bookmark button in the top right. Click Close.

11. Click Buyers Circles

12. Under Activity click the gray notes icon, and log your P, E, T, notes separately using the Category drop down menu. Choose phone, email, text, or meeting. Enter title and body for each entry. For example: 1st phone call

13. Click Buyers Circle to navigate back to your list of leads

14. Overtime, you can rate your lead using Stars and add tags such as “Hot” or “Fake”

15. Age refers to how old the lead is, Last Online displays recent activity

16. The colored icons on the right demonstrate the activity levels of each lead. The more activity, the more engaged the buyer is. Each element is clickable for further investigation.